Tuesday, December 1, 2009

grayscale study of Wizard of Oz project


  1. Thanks for the incite! :)

    I know how bad it is to try and draw with a clunky mouse instead of a stylus. It might be quicker to draw with the pen tool... you can either draw in illustrator and import the shapes to photoshop or fiddle with the pen tool in photoshop (its almost the same). Hopefully that helps, and even though you drew with a mouse I like where this is going. Take care, see you thursday.

  2. haha I dont have a mouse either dude, its on a laptop! haha

  3. I have no idea how to do either one of those things. I drew an eye in Illustrator and placed it in Photoshop and dont know if thats right, etc. i tried using the pen tool in Photoshop and dont get it. guess Im screwed. i wish the HW came with a warning label: must have mouse or stylus. lol